Making social Europe a reality for European citizens

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1 TRIBUNE VIEWPOINT 31 MAY 2017 MAKING SOCIAL EUROPE A REALITY FOR EUROPEAN CITIZENS Sofia Fernandes | Senior research fellow Jacques Delors Institute Frank Vandenbroucke Professor at the University of Amsterdam Adviser n 26 April European Commission published its proposal for a “European pillar social rights” and presented reflection paper on dimension Europe In “Rome Declaration” EU leaders have pledged to work towards Europe; it is now time move from good intentions concrete actions When celebrating Treaty Rome’s 60th anniversary heads state government decided that construction “social Europe” would be one their priorities Whilst there appears consensus goal are still major differences among national governments about action needed breathe life into this The debate which should involve partners focus identifying priority will make visible citizens We propose three such actions: fair mobility means freedom movement facilitated whilst ensuring fairness; promoting convergence in standards performances; making investment human capital Europe’s leitmotifs free people—a key issue but not only Free people issues dimension; confronts decisionmakers with dual challenge involving facilitating intra-European while same combating risk source unfair competition between mobile workers Eurobarometer survey indicates consider EU’s most positive achievements Yet right unquestionable de jure facto curbs removed For example expect allow them cross borders without losing security or rights they built up country origin Portability must concern health insurance pension unemployment also professional training instance through creation transnational personal activity account Citizens want see automatic recognition qualifications diplomas when seeking job another member And Erasmus programme celebrates 30th year extended greater number young including more university students apprentices (particularly implementation Pro pilot scheme) Having said do just facilitate guarantee does fuel Mobile benefit working conditions salary That why has proposed reforming posting directive; urgent states forge It crucial strengthen monitoring compliance law order prevent illegal situations (such as black labour) abuse fraud (a regard posted workers) Responsibility lies administrations view difficulties inherent cross-border labour spark inspectorate 2 Promoting convergence: performance synonymous single model throughout Each preferences an obstacle proper functioning market long those role thus ensure economic liberalisation create race bottom standards; contrary despite upward recently taken step direction by proposing O 19 rue Milan F – 75009 Paris Pariser Platz 6 D 10117 Berlin info@delorsinstitute eu www delorsinstitute Managing Editor: Yves Bertoncini • document may reproduced part full condition meaning distorted mentioned views expressed author(s) necessarily reflect publisher cannot held responsible use any third party Translation French: Stephen Tobin © europe reality european ISSN 2257-5731 comprising twenty principles relating members euro area least honour This starting point since legally binding needs translate measures bringing tangible benefits addition legislation two other instruments disposal encourage performances: financial support coordination employment policies complementary nature these optimised recent “Youth Guarantee” where common pledge was matched aid regions highest youth rates incentive probably effective than recommendations induce changes policy level respond increased interdependence existing countries importance having markets systems function properly event crisis fresh funding conditional upon adoption certain reform might made available context euro-zone budget finally endowing macro-economic stabilisation mechanism take shape re-insurance schemes possible contain future crises leading divergence 3 Making been investing day Social Fund set 1957 joined over years new funds Globalisation Adjustment (EGF) bring numerous benefits: above beyond help improve countries’ political image serving much improved central idea Commission’s Investment Package; however follow-up entail additional Strengthening “investments capital” component Juncker plan Where worker requalification concerned currently focuses who fallen victim globalisation process necessary broaden public target address challenges raised energy transition creates jobs causes others disappear afforded perceptible country-specific fiscal surveillance procedure insist allowing development boost pre-primary school education levels apprenticeships consistent offers incentives adopted each “social” done structural reforms consideration fact progress developing often margin budgets doing so) brings improving living But if Be daring! Find courage actions!