The European Pillar of Social Rights: from promise to delivery

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Towards a European Social Union The Pillar of Rights and the Roadmap for fully-fledged A Forum debate Edited by Maurizio Ferrera Introduction Conclusions Frank Vanderbroucke Contributions László Andor Bea Cantillon Francesco Costamagna Caroline De la Porte Sacha Garben Martin Heidenreich Anton Hemerijck Trudie Knijn Manos Matsaganis Graham Room Chiara Saraceno Waltraud Schelkle Andrew Watt Torino Centro Einaudi 2019 Contents General presentation 1 Rights: from promise to delivery 2 Vandenbroucke Crafting – roadmap 12 Timely Call 27 Challenges ‘united in diversity’ 40 Vladimir Bogoeski (Social) is need ‘Social Imbalances Procedure’ 47 Corti Sebastiano Sabato Bart Vanhercke 54 as “union national welfare states” 64 Union: addressing challenges on labour market 70 Revival Europe 76 Union? Rokkanian-Mephistophelian remark 84 Who’s afraid contribution ESU 93 all 113 Snakes ladders road 119 social justice 131 union should address causes growing inequalities 147 How can protect citizens member states? 157 spillovers just transitions 160 new Commission must convince that 169 alive kicking CONCLUSION: boost building 177 Creating Link In 2013 coined notion (ESU) order clarify our thinking about so-called dimension EU This expression contains three implicit messages First it invites us propose clear-cut institutional concept contrast elusive ‘a Europe’ Second indicates we go beyond conventional call dimension’ if today’s has no whatsoever Third explicitly suggests what needed not Welfare State but precisely founded two principles On one hand states remain responsible organizing interpersonal redistribution among their citizens; other they take up commitment sustaining forms tangible solidarity themselves collective entities adoption November 2017 elections Parliament May constitute unique opportunity relaunch enrich marked point return: either will be sufficiently convincing recognizable success or high-profile failure Given political cost an eventual those who care politics now work interpretation maximizes its positive potential For this initiative have impact policy-making first condition powerful It connected way with functional necessities broadly accepted aspirations integration; fit into consistent conception role play policy idea provide fertile context search specification such raison d’être pointing both possible justifications practical opportunities encourage facilitate conceptual link between EuVisions launched introductory contributions followed comments various authors purely theoretical Participants course discuss conceptions raisons also explore potentials reference options concrete proposals closed rejoinders ‘ESU-debate’ Council jointly solemnly proclaimed set 20 equal access labor fair working conditions protection inclusion Some are well known already been formulated earlier efforts coordinate Member States’ policies Other relatively at scene objective ensure adequate minimum wages communication was ambitious: said “delivering more effective rights citizens” President Juncker called agreement “to avoid fragmentation dumping” launching isolated event: fitted broader evolution Over last five years steered away emphasis fiscal consolidation economic competitiveness which dominated immediate aftermath financial crisis 2008 Already Commission’s Investment Package signaled broaden EU’s agenda Below radar issues became gradually important Semester process Official reflection papers roadmaps future Monetary underscored completion EMU tackled thorny problem posted workers announced creation Labor Authority So conceived instance gradual cautious deliberate shift level However may turn out decisive moment longer-lasting consequences – negative Positively become sustains real momentum lifetime fails deliver enshrined backfire frustration generates undermine any attempt equip comprehensive long time come Thus solemn proclamation marks Obviously jury still final verdict maybe At writing introduction there straightforward reason why out: realm democratic cannot predict how declaration after next Nevertheless given reader surprised I ‘interpretation’ (‘Does speak itself?’) my choice words purpose powerful: Yet I’m calling debate: whether agree promising Pillar’s tested means When declared “primarily euro area applicable wishing part it” focus Eurozone happenstance; monetary motivation related Since understand relationship briefly elaborate basic insight gained prominence recent nearly existing unions true ‘insurance unions’ They only centralize risk management regard banks unemployment insurance exception developing driven mutual notably progress towards Banking Next argues needs stabilisers; achieve would re-insurance benefit schemes Another option seems prefer scheme supports public investment capacity when hit cope reduced revenue increased spending benefits1 fact share common wit automatic stabilisers times whilst simultaneously protected these scenarios happenstance: purchasing power downturn therefore ‘automatic stabiliser’ par excellence Existing opt downright centralization (like Canada Germany) demand some convergence organization degree reinsurance centralisation really high US combine decentralisation insurance) rational behaviour reasons pooling enhances resilience against asymmetric shocks second applies symmetric across whole States added value per se National systems create externality; country properly insures itself helps neighbours Therefore concern stability entails cluster sustain stabilisation each State: generous benefits; sufficient coverage rates schemes; segmentation leaves force poorly insured unemployment; proliferation employment relations integrated insurance; activation unemployed individuals; constitution budgetary buffers good so do bad These fortiori imperative quid pro quo were equipped More contention corollary conceivable risk-sharing triggered (e g guarantee considered Commission) But even without implementation ‘stability-related’ upshot argument unification beneficial key features participating necessarily flat denial developed See (2017a) pp 25-26 (2017b) 1316 allows valorizes diversity (Schelkle 2017); ‘convergence’ (not: uniformity) ‘some’ (in domains domains) Admittedly 1990s reform markets justified advent 1997 Employment Strategy emphasized supply-side flexibility: flexible interwoven individual development ‘enabling’ policies; together ‘flexicurity’ nutshell adds ‘stability’ desideratum ‘flexibility’: terms avoidance large stable wage income thanks coordinated bargaining2 Whilst flexibility focused equipping people skills action: bargaining organisation devices Stability requires instruments typically vulnerable individuals: stabilises economy because protects intrinsically associated action ‘protective’ Enabling protective mutually reinforcing creating resilient That matter addition calls competitive goods services cross-border mobility (including form ‘posting’) regulation posting regimes transparent predictable universal Single Market 3 understood translation integration standards subsequently language immediately emphasize overstretch functionalist rationale: ‘needed’ ‘imposed’ (or Market) Space forbids develop relevance well-organized EMU: see 2017b Watzka 2018 analytical carefully distinguish (i) ‘social corollary’ (ii) Market; partly overlap different Reflection Paper Dimension April insufficiently clear depends normative drive project (Vandenbroucke 2017b) We talking requirements abstracto; considering serve fundamental upward prosperity cohesion fundamentally (2018 issue 12-26) arguments ‘free-standing justification’ authority survive prosper diffuse support belonging jurisdiction; rests effectiveness fairness: “Citizens feel (…) government abides general norm somehow representing interest taking sectors/strata population however weak peripheral ” statement analytically coherent politically differentiation received number underscores observation Pillars addresses legitimacy goes My summary account shows multifaceted nevertheless points priority areas initiatives taken basis Access (notably feature ‘Access workers’ principle speaks mobile non-mobile highlights fairness driver right launch ‘access protection’ parallel pity ‘hard’ legal then scaled down softer recommendation (European 2018); challenge give bite consider Labour highly relevant: enforcing ‘fair mobility’ embedded well-regulated similar vein improvement Written Statement Directive proposed answers fight gaps independently intrinsic life balance wonder picked ‘work-life balance’ showcase willingness An improving work-life enters sensitive least evident regulated notwithstanding merits contributors forum disagree me preceding section highlighted (albeit briefly) intellectual coherence remains handicapped absence domain very could hear ministers saying responsibility EU-level Such confusion debates phenomenon happenstance although omnipresent ill-defined ambiguous mean ‘protecting domestic (liberalizing of) further Europeanisation’ ‘more supranational initiatives’ Hence simply stating contribute begs question: do? trying deliberately started use Union’ Suggesting incorrect counterproductive coordination security health safety workplace directives non-trivial acquis fifty piecemeal solid foundation non-discrimination premised steps build stage respond than ‘adding coincidence historical legacies institutions As explained below primary believe organise borders; main mechanisms States; refer logics rather strategies (space upon latter idea) There specific aspects rethink application subsidiarity within ‘union states’ apply organising Solidarity necessitates same harmonisation generally practice far removed top-down one-size-fits-all approach core summarised follows: systemic functions (stabilization function earlier) guide substantive via objectives leaving ways consensus operational definition ‘the Model’ countries cooperate explicit purpose; hence desirable necessary unless drop concerns shared To make analysis say leads definitive version depending judgements brought bear ambitious less project; based Nor table uncharted territory: clarified (2018) develops his vision congenial helpful: he starts premise place diverse pieces ingredients aim something federal state found federations ‘holding environment’ flourishing holding environment Returning initial subject wonder: vocation defined level? answer question nature ‘rights’ tend conceive primarily enforcement entitlements rightly understanding rights: “Following tradition Max Weber define sources (Machtquellen) distinct types resources back actual exercise Holding having legitimate claim compliance others: horizontally fellow workplace) vertically authorities treatment administrations) Secondly resources: obtained right-holder activate coercion Thirdly instrumental availability full case example sets networks provides information advice procedures accessing delivering benefits While type (enforcement) makes (and extension citizenship) contemporary liberal-democratic societies underestimate importance types: especially former operate ideational motivational while actualization adjudication courts law know adopts binding norms indirectly impinge citizenship directly does (if through soft law) particular suggest citizen empowerment result initially exploit systematic Building typology presented argue presupposes combined implement principles: legislation; benchmarking; funding macro-economic surveillance explains think dissociated (In respect content joint Merkel Macron 19 June commentators made it; obviously kept ) short ‘roadmap delivery’ complementarity well-considered selection Which priorities? debated References Baute S Meuleman B Abts K Swyngedouw M Measuring attitudes Europe: multidimensional Indicators Research 137(1) 353-378 Marchal Luigjes C (2017) Decent incomes poor: Journal Common Studies doi:10 1111/JCMS 12486 Deepening Economic 31 (COM(2017) 291) New Euro Area framework Communication Central Bank 6 December 822 final) Proposal Recommendation self-employed 13 COM(2018) 132 12-26 (forthcoming 2018) piece (ed) Policy Play Brussels: Observatoire Européen W solidarity: experiment Oxford: Oxford University Press F in: Barnard Baere G (eds After Crisis Cambridge: Cambridge Structural Convergence versus Systems Competition: Limits Diversity Policies ECFIN discussion paper 065 Directorate-General Financial Affairs Brussels July https://ec europa eu/info/publications/economy-finance/structural-convergence-versussystems-competition_en Overcoming Fragility IMK Report 139 end 2-11) “roadmap delivery” (EPSR) want pick invitation proposal bold turned view start simple yet farsighted step: linking creative blocks available levels under symbolic umbrella accompany free standing “political” justification move mainly terms: improve performance EMU; rebalance values Treaties add badly well: re-stabilize polity providing “glue” restoring “togetherness” thus legitimation Piecing lot ambiguity widely used term argued designate definite entity similarly vague Model ‘names’ lump horizontal (“le dans l’Europe”) vertical (“l’Europe le social”) clarifying connection interdependence division synergies outlining system governance reconciliation sides involve far-sighted linguistic innovation precondition institution pronounce birth counterpart: year sealed valuable step forward enough wider container certainly comprising EPSR coterminous ‘exists’ fill empirical contents reassembling Here tentative list ingredients: 1. ensemble display notable differences correcting ranges risks covered faced cases adaptive changes Moreover increasingly differentiated service sectors revealed profusion programs regional local distinctions ten blur giving rise instead hybrid mixes approaches (Halvorsen Hvinden 2016) intra pluralism contained above (their dialogue Treaties) (sub-national hybridizations) close territories jurisdictions component forthcoming Spaces 2. characterized element Most regions territorial cooperation another interesting front (mainly partners) occupational pensions Transnational 3. novel membership space –coterminous external borders bearers enjoy ‘title’ bestowed them choose settle Starting 1970s had structured since 2011 directive regulates patients Let Mobility 4. regulative (re)distributive funded budget imply spending) hard proper sense 5. Lisbon Treaty including allocate responsibilities decision- making field supremacy over rules guides four components flux spaces keep predominant boundaries porous interaction dynamics plastic margins experimentation Prior overall hybridization partial clearly slow moving likely (Hemerijck 2013) current decade largely reversed trend (Andor 2017; Palier Rovny today rescue enhancing steering capacities sync reinforcements Addressing implies rethinking (EMU) limit reciprocal externalities If according devise broad template capable pan-European qua tales) centered traditional regional/local) observe (such United Switzerland) (Obinger et al 2005) bottom took constituent units barely problems Although delay compared unitary central able standardize and/or establish ex novo construction entirely developmental i e backdrop extensive nation limits supranationalization predicted Stein Rokkan many ago (Ferrera 2019) unprecedented “coming together” allowed maintain ‘legitimate diversity’ (Scharpf 2002) committed adaptation criteria open engage own fed semi-automatic “own resources” apart multi-state implicitly signals presence modicum federalism inter-territorial transfers architecture ESU-building adventure scale dubbed “holding environment” “a zone matched competent painful mitigate stress thereby uphold integrity pressure mobilize overwhelm reforms disciplinary intrusion” comes child neuro-psychiatry (Wincott 1964) elaborated sciences serves engaged spite divisive forces generated work” (Heifetz 2009 p 305) Resting mix goals collaboration pressures country-specific recalibration indeed –on word “environment” evokes above: “space” (more meta-space) senses citizens/residents outer border frontiers tying participants pursuit obligations wide By assemblage Gestalt overcome ambiguities once (hopefully) integrating underlying ‘solidarity’ justice’) dimensions: trans-national dimensions potentially clash inevitable provided recognized reconciled consequence multi-level allowing network (rather hierarchy) links favor adjustments internal articulation lose sight inter-institutional mentioned counterpart Unions logic ‘institutional complementarity’ re-assemblage require demanding exercises imagination What grand visions circumstantial ideas seeds wedges change decades Seventies Eighties generate trial error detailed consensual blueprint design ran experimentations incremental innovations ‘snake’ System 1979) Even though ‘name’ aspiration brief above-mentioned fall scope remarks latest policy: arm principles? suggesting fate coming most ingredient appealing) status text ‘principles rights’ specifies reaffirms present Union’s dedicated measures legislation legally enforceable led mere phrase-mongering (see review positions) judgement too hasty gauge significance clarifications exactly? Following fellow-citizens non- discrimination holder liberal- Courts Amartya Sen repeatedly crucial During famine “right subsistence” worth anything assuming strict intervene food where happen reside (Sen 1981) Especially certain situations conferred transformed “ableness” (Morris 1987) Finally let forget judicial imposes obligation practices existence Court Justice hold imputable noncompliance confers merely procedural substantial guarantees law-making de facto almost right-actualization offers array legislated subnational Many underpin intra-EU EURES ERASMUS EHIC) others complement strengthen structural funds sector- Globalization Adjustment Fund (EGF)4 Aid Deprived People (FEAD)5 Youth Guarantee acts expanding leveraging linked Regulation establishment (ELA) illustration consequential grass roots seen sort intermediary 4 Globalisation established 2006 losing jobs major world trade patterns due globalisation company shuts production moved outside global 5 (FEAD) 2014 material assistance deprived accompanied (Madama preamble pertinent articles Art Preamble that: “The efficient outcomes responding aimed fulfilling people’s essential ensuring better enactment rights” formulation ‘guiding’ nicely relates dimension; ‘ensuring implementation’ facilitation appropriately strategically exploited despite character prior pave Figure offer visualization might look like Pan-European feasible? agrees rest guided criteria: institutions; delicate thornier wake Academic discussions topic concentrated rested defending rejecting) principled desirability cross-national deep ties try (efficient effective) functioning single “social corollaries” market-correcting centralized “visible hand” Both acknowledge ultimate pan-EU underlining governments spelling exactly obstacles skirt implications ESU? Is outline freestanding proposal? tenet theory variants territorially organized collectivity members evaluative orientations structure motivating self-interest Historically came nurturing feelings Just peace instrument serving facilitating managing conflicts generalized ultimately “keeping little doubt currently suffering crisis: populist parties questioning Brexit going tear extent specifically component) re-legitimation antidote centrifugation? hinge interest-based approval contingent output democracies abide voters’ eyes significant “it popular demands (specifically: stabilizers) re-establish ESU’s re-establishment ipso vehicle re- stabilization Though shoulder Diffuse Citizens takes One indictments Eurosceptic formations represent interests rule Note matters distributive beliefs (the EU) credibly inspired Along becomes objection situation (let alone construction) solidaristic aggravate solving Any “Transfer Union” increase embitter around genuinely disguise) broken propositions: • lacks cultural preconditions sense) strategy involving solidarity; extant conflict constellation Euroscepticism direction feasible propositions thesis ‘permissive consensus’ ‘constraining dissensus’ opinions emblematically represented (Hooghe Marks 2009) empirically grounded constraining dissensus focusing opinion side soft-pedals played elite mainstream elites) prepared terrain tends overestimate depth realistic resulted choices mistakes being self-inflected And equally predispositions meet critic’s increasing body data hypothesis mass survey conducted Fall 2016 EU-funded REScEU Pellegata 2017) majorities Germany Popular larger promoting investments helping severe poverty help experiencing majoritarian six survey: Spain France Italy Poland Results confirmed covering Austria Cyprus Greece Hungary Ireland Netherlands Portugal Slovakia (Gerhards YouGov (Genschel investigation Pew Center pro-EU “mainstream” voters (as opposed supporters “populist” views left right) Sweden (80%) (72%) (68%) (53%) (51%) Counting undecided respondents reach majority (Pew Survey handled suggested ‘silent majority’ supporting realignment togetherness created represents elites shown RESCEU much solidarity-prone forthcoming) elective (choice based) partnerships looking onto families nations leaders fraternal nudging ‘socioemotional leadership’ idioculture difficult fluid relationships self-seeking behaviours rational-legal (Brint 2001) opposite emphasizing difference apartness communities denigrating symbolically mechanism historically rule-based formalization authority: recipe undermining maintenance put safe “polity maintenance” pursued safeguarding survival durability Several enhance discussed Vandenbroucke’s transfer-oriented socially friendly complementarities actually thought bridges passing strengthened steer Conclusion official presumptive disputable Those nurture clamorous disappointed formal already-existing elements achieved small changes: discourse act ‘naming’ smart packaging remember did big bangs: few exceptions beginnings quite modest Institution redistributive Conflict served cement alliances disadvantaged promote exchanges rulers ruled irreversibly intertwined claims intersected critical contingencies Deal America World War II leaps bottom-up movement interests/wish incumbent preserve consolidate face acute unrest dire emergencies vocal players Europe’s arenas seem souverainisme reveal majorities’ hoped find suitable candidates run-up train miss probably huge mistake L Divergence reformed EMU? 15th Annual ESPAnet Conference http://espanetlisbon2017 eu/) Brint (2001) Gemeinschaft Revisited: Critique Reconstruction Community Concept Sociological Theory Vol No 1–23 programme ‘Preparatory Child Scheme/Establishing support’ [Commission Decision C(2017)5615 16 August 2017] Registrar Awards https://www regiostars eu/node/243 [accessed 28 05 2018] (2005) Boundaries Integration Spatial Politics Protection (2019) Disproved Vindicated? Rokkan’s impossibility democracy DOI: 10 1177/0958928718804932 Can Be Reconciled? Citizens’ View Milan www resceu eu (forthcoming) soon Resceu website Genschel P Hemerijk Institute Brief Issue 2018/01 Gerhards J Lengfeld H Ignácz ZS Kley FK Priem Strong Solidarity? BSSE Working Berlin Sociology 37 February Halvorsen R (2016) Combating Poverty Active Inclusion MultiLevel Multi- Actor Context Cheltenham Edward Elgar Publishing Heifetz RA Grashow Linsky (2009) leadership: Tools tactics changing your Boston Mass Harvard Business (2013) Changing (2012) necessity unifying Intereconomics vol 200-206 Hooghe Postfunctionalist Integration: From Permissive Consensus Constraining Dissensus British Political Science 39 Madama Deprived: contested contentious (but successful) pathway WP/06 Morris (1987) Power: Philosophical Analysis Manchester: Manchester Obinger Leibfried Castles FC Federalism Experiences Disunion? Consequences Manow Schwander Democracies Party Politics: Explaining Electoral Dynamics Times Capitalism 277-296 Western Populists tap Anti-Establishment Frustration Have Little Appeal Ideological Divide at: http://www pewglobal org/wpcontent/uploads/sites/2/2018/07/Pew-Research- Center_Western-Europe-Political-IdeologyReport_2018-07-12 pdf a-changin’”? european pillar reality check Vanherke (ed Observatory ‘Towards preliminary Recommendation’ Bouget D Trade 73-96 (1981) Famines Essay Entitlement Deprivation Clarendon Scharpf (2002) Model: Coping Cologne Plank MPIfG 02/8 Legitimacy Intermediation Multilevel Polity Collapse Planck für Gesellschaftsforschung Necessity Urgent Programme Progressive Economy 1st 45-49 2-11 (2014) Tough Nuts Crack Background report Friends High-Level Group ‘Social Union’ https://pure uva nl/ws/files/2554065/161167_475562 30 03 2016] vs frankvandenbroucke nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/292 06 GD Wincott (1964) Family Outside London Pelican program timely again sharpen mission slowdown bound revive memories threatened multiple disintegration Today post-crisis period prepare post-Brexit era heal wounds believes easier solutions inside previous every block anymore freely deeper intention granted reluctance deepen attributed variety standard Austria) raises fear downward adjustment opposition politicians threat (Orbán went hardship divergence (Spain Italy) bring conditionalities sanctions ones fourth higher Dutch day ready assemble rainbow coalition deepening explored origins Delors’ Compact: original virtue 1989 Charter Fundamental Workers landmark Former Jacques Delors knew gain He acceptable cycle devoting Cohesion establishing employers (‘social dialogue’) ‘Delors Compact’ later supplemented (2000) “2nd edition” 2020 (2010) Compact progressive obsession Maastricht model nominal (low deficits low inflation) indifference costs late produced endeavour reconcile currency Various exist stakeholders Open Method Coordination esteem programmatic life-long learning continue measurable Occupational Safety Health female participation East-West imbalance enlargement east raised questions feasibility geographical divide productivity Rounds enlargements imbalanced heterogeneous predecessor obstacle 119-130) news East West slowly resolved average GDP growth figures expectancy extraordinary decline experienced Eastern happening regarding models sustained coupled run solution dumping legislative activity past often exposed controversies Upholding pivotal eastern ones) rebuild human capital lost constant migration Besides active Roma arguably biggest Countering North-South killed leading dramatic disparities North South quote (2019 93-112) “the critically naïve theory-in-use inter-dependence net” High youth NEET 2011-3 saw indicators behind legacy incapacity deal banking crises striking inequality deprivation Supportive sector recovery centre circles) nothing repeating disasters calibrated sequenced Preventing core–periphery Brexit: reflections reconstruction overshadowed UK referendum complicated smallest damage usual clichés dropped automatically trickle groups English metropolitan felt disenfranchised economically UKIP reinforced egocentric Tory ensured directed Westminster Contrary stereotypes experience « » refrained advantage tools (ESF) municipalities facing (EGF) producers downsizing decided (now FEAD) caring visible Britain attitude contributed alienation eventually victory Leave vote Consequently lessons tackling imbalances collectively stronger favour instability supported competences recently perceived inability trends deindustrialisation flows suffice jeopardising EPSR: game changer? confirmation Jean- Claude revives meaningful developments Presidency: eastward return spirit improvements quantum leap endorsed Gothenburg (Sweden) overture functioned ideological incorporating three-chapter third chapter construct 1980s subsequent cycles practically identified consultation helped alliance welcome technocratic meant backwards accounts withdrawal numerical targets never officially cancelled amount attention before guiding diminished paradigm rolled emblematic document SIP delivered guidance homelessness stressed illusory side-lined rediscover recycle scoreboard October tool demonstrate periphery socialising done heart 2010 plays method weight recommendations Zeitlin socialisation required updated documents 2012-3 period: White Pensions generating tackle Perhaps item modelled additional Subsequently inspiration long-term parliamentary story demonstrates occasional amendments improved standards’ (applicable Union) ‘national floors’ (with adapted country) Whether best channel Experts ambivalent co-existence appears underestimated perhaps expectations bias toolkit connects Within budgets expenditures cent total Out category narrowly receive Needless rival centralise compartment vital incentives reforming designing ground workforce training reaching depend concentrate invest closely aligned endowment ESF MFF 2021-2027 maintains allocation short- considerations reduce implemented (23 cent) post-2020 absolute Due merger smaller EUR 100 bn name: “ESF+” confirms threshold fund exclusion size envelope designed audited examples money allocated trace Without limelight connect reminds surveys everywhere strong greater concentration robust unemployment” populations Poland) count deemed experts differ greatly Thomas Piketty co-signatories quadrupling allow reduction sounds quantitative qualitative volumes Unemployment caused great inherent devaluation root cause flaws lack “Economic” definitely “Social” 2012 (two pillars permanent ESM etc incomplete outstanding deposit assets amending mandate ECB Making Fiscal talked self-evidently cover partially pool cyclical promoted Sebastian Dullien stabiliser direct reducing innocent victims recessions aggregate during downturns net studied analysts Together genuine 250 million employees enter community well-designed rules-based transfer ‘surplus countries’ stabilise Adopting chance agreement: positions significantly closer German finance minister Olaf Scholz advocate Arguably highway lead knowing post-2008 product business employee well-being companies adapt environmental ownership employees’ particularly useful co-ownership operating jurisdiction metrics evaluate companies’ impact: methodologies reporting enterprises allocations start-up microfinance) overlooked ongoing Campaign Wages setting influence importantly response wage-setting disruption pre-crisis agreements longer-term declining counter campaign Wage Alliance outlined sought guaranteed floor decent pay undertaken Guaranteed (at fighting relevant floor’ expected Going 21st century digitalisation robotisation effects technological Jobs OECD fresh constantly updating international partners task economics monitor competition commonly agreed brings base Vandenbrucke underlines: “A massive industrial nets built All arms counterpart” using Reports death exaggerated Obituaries premature fallout drama deficit deepened questionable mortal always weaker footing gap widened contributes confidence changer round actions concert Countries catch confident Where tighter fields federalist followed-up lacking publication EFOP Europa Solidarieta Tra Pilastro Sociale derive sovraniste Eurilink Ten Lessons Decade Debating EUBS: Robust Findings Myths Remaining Dilemmas Volume 52 May/June Number · 159-164 https://archive intereconomics eu/year/2017/3/ten-lessons-from-a-decade-of-debating-an-eubs-robust-findings-popular- myths-and-remaining-dilemmas/ ESU: 93-112 Katseli Louka T Rasmussen Poul N Sustainable Equality: Well-being everyone sustainable Independent Equality | 2019-2024 socialeurope eu/wp- content/uploads/2018/12/SD_ProgressiveSociety-SustainableEquality 119-130 Ocampo José Antonio Joseph E Stiglitz eds Revisited Columbia Our manifesto save Guardian theguardian com/commentisfree/2018/dec/09/manifesto-divided-europe-inequality-europeans “European debate” Jonathan Socializing Semester: co- ordination Public 25 Pages 149-174 tandfonline com/doi/full/10 1080/13501763 1363269 Taking core–periphery seriously 2-1) timelier stone Revision Posted (PWD) adopted austerity eurozone academic strives substantiate vaguer political) conceptually interpreting (policy) maximise engages on-going envisioned academics policymakers undertaking afford disregard top priorities inherently interrelated desired ‘social’ differentiates categories reflect achieving ideal several noted happened read signal momentum’ Carpe social) prominent namely Revised lasted atmosphere reminiscent Iron Curtain ever-closer divided low-cost rising continent (mis)interpretations sidestep chasm treat compromise PWD opted Milward 1992) finding attempts provision determinacy rejects justice’ (Micklitz 2011) rationality wealth distribution granting providers (MS) arrangements socio-economic cultures else Understandably elsewhere Foundational freedoms resonates contributing protecting won’t Posting old deeply rooted MS counterparts unequally Beyond off ideally (Hamerijck 2013; backed transnational thrive essentially limiting imaginative indicated polities bridge chosen battle (Samuel Moyn mention shut pre- re-distributive aware pitfalls rationale normatively unfortunate epistemic trap pursuing justifiable Because midst following Ferrera’s observations necessitarianism ‘dignitarian’ fairness-based decoupled regaining join) paving Rethinking reconstituting exclusionary creates impression affect entrench line dividing discern failures ELA vulnerabilities structures (from periphery) favourable exploitative core) enabled located pre-existing living vulnerability dependency structurally agency impairs successful tracing southern substance presuppose 147-156) pre-distributive constructed perpetuate hierarchies injustices (Kukovec 2015) Equal unequal ingrained DNA withstand efficiency cost-benefit tests counterbalance (remember Viking Laval) Questioning critique (juridisches Missverständnis Rödl predominantly minimalist tendency replace ‘minimum level’ ‘good quality’ (Pillar Arts 11 18 20) International Covenant Cultural housing fuller bodied egalitarianism (Moyn 2018; Florian Hoffmann Despite quality renders egalitarian (distinction Determining ‘in light conditions’ 6) relativise sufficiency adequacy Sufficiency unlikely combat reimagine include productive auxiliary substantiating Its accompanying regarded inspirational directions discussing enforceability justiciability Outlook reconsider restructuring’ kind Tackling (both eastern) reinvention offered starting (Saraceno reproducing Kukovec 2014) naturally sector-specific (EGAF) Regarding EGAF research proportion affected EGF financing (Clayes Sapir mitigation imaginable prevent alternatives ‘European Pact Progress’ (Rödl priori dangerous References: Claeys Fund: Time reset Bruegel http://bruegel org/2018/03/the-european-globalisation-adjustment-fund-easing-the-pain-from-trade/ (Oxford Future Bhuta Futures Human (Collected Courses Academy Law) (OUP Hierarchies Law 21 Periphery (2015) 406 Micklitz H-S Private (EUI Rescue Nation-State (Routledge Not Enough: Unequal (Harvard Alternative Constitution Hien Joerges (eds) Responses Euorpean Cultures Eruope’s Example German-Italian Discrepancies (RSCAS Soziale Rechte Europa: Von irreführenden Versprechen und notwendigen Kämpfen WSI-Herbstforum 147- 156 stimulated vivid rich challenging forward: interpret (Bogoeski 40-46; 2-11); conceptualize 12-26; 93-112); 27-39; 160-168) analyses (Garben 76-83; 70-75) (Cantillon 54-63; 119-130; 64-69) pointed progressively subordinated meta-coordination apparently sharing characteristics ‘soft governance’ (OMC) prescriptive (Dawson ‘country- specific’ theoretical) penalties ‘back forth’ scrutiny intervention intensified peer altered voting novelties profoundly (Vesan ‘socialised’ (Zeitlin & persisting asymmetry Against background investigate subordination ‘economic’ (EU) monitored analysing monitoring macroeconomic (dubbed ‘Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure’) ‘preventive’ ‘corrective’ supervision problematic E(M)U deterioration spill-over countries; loss credibility prudently tried ‘socialisation’ Macroeconomic Procedure ‘Strengthening EMU’ seemingly preventing Similarly September 2015 newly appointed MIP Scoreboard reflecting capturing undoubtedly visibility draw policymakers’ achievement becoming factor strike strands? Jean-Claude ‘triple rating’ ‘as triple reiterated Five Presidents’ Completing (April) (November) interinstitutional Scoreboard’ performances resolve affects range young people; education (NEET) alarming Southern regions; persistent childcare lifelong opportunities; Fransen suffers estimated €142 billion year: €15 €70 €57 affordable formidable Semester) ripe flagging repackaging relabelling (SImP) procedure a) erode b) detected early corrected corrected: healthcare c) d) e) strictly consist stages identification SImP (possibly refined) included accordance annual Joint displaying ‘critical situations’ (i excessive imbalances) encouraged request decide ask applied Multi-annual Action Plan (MAP) drafted plan contain initiatives/reforms (over three-year span) interventions forms: technical defining — Reform Support Service SRSS coordinates tailor-made services) this; Delivery Tool Operational Programmes co-financing rate ESI focussed ALMP infrastructure); ‘silver rule’ exempt Growth provisions Country-specific Recommendations Country repeated non-compliance MAP SGP extra Three Procedure: concerned spill threatening sustainability refers champion retrenchment distrust movements promises adopting serious ambitions 27-39 V 40-46 54-63 64-69 Dawson displacement Constitutional Review 14: 191–209 70-75 del Bufalo Reviglio Boosting Infrastructure Task Force Investing Discussion 074 76-83 Spasova Integrating Committee Vesan Mission impossible? seminar January 160-168 25(2) prioritizing 14 well- initiatives? well-conceived sensu lato combination benefits) harmonization “principle based” policymaking: stated Until 80’s evolved complex grew dawned nor Gradually ambition replaced preferences deploy shaped effectuating ‘input’ ‘outcome’ With eradication loose measuring (Atkinson ‘eradication poverty’ strategic goal aiming persons jobless households Regrettably failed Goedemé Hills strategy: non-binding abstraction factors control over: dependent things single-parent distance ‘outcomes’ ‘policy input’ Only sophisticated simulation isolate society outcome welcomed overly divergent balanced “Equal market” ”Fair conditions” “Social inclusion” precise room packages nuanced input falling ‘one-fits-all’ pause struggle symbols mountain bore mouse leverage (ESU)? everything rollout moral exploitation appropriate assumptions contend “everyone dignity enabling (re)integrate Normative pragmatic Catering Ever disappointing reached extremely in-work out-of-work inadequate worrying poorest exclusively spent items (Goedemé discrepancies Europeans enormous floors deteriorations crisis-hit Adequate earners firmly anchored equivalent embedding Effective anti-poverty Anti-poverty accessible age obvious gains translate tax credits get poverty; ‘inefficient allocation’ paid poor work-intensity households; advocated tilts prevention compensation” healing doing faces platform places guaranteeing irrespective status? eligibility rules? proposes outlines universal; introduce children elderly; render contributory actuarially fair; means-tested (housing incomes) volatile earnings; obtain accurate earnings Clearly “gendarme” commitments facilitator securing lifting successfully poverty: decoupling flexibilisation sluggish demanding: considerable cost; trade-offs drivers skilled progressivity taxes redistributions raise (Collado beyond) join wages) poorer Hemerijck’s : Minimum Compacts Solutions ante Through + aims playing field: layered operation assumes receiving charitable organizations belong (re)insurance aptly says “ bounce recover sizeable 6. Delivering strongly instrumentally Successful “affordable” vice versa regards tensions involved strengthening ‘make pay’ other) 7. secure stay 8. compact greatest fulfill lever intensifying puts “citizens peripheral” reasoning emerge ‘support jurisdiction’: “decent all” pan- 9. “building blocks” EU-2020 Like re-assembling minima kinds supplements ESF+ 10. recurrent theme Implementing history limited sick disabled elderly mothers EU-countries distinguishing American NGOs alike numerous occasions 1992 Council’s ‘common concerning systems’ (92/441/EEC) (Council resolutions Agenda 2005-2010 ‘Active Inclusion’ excluded occupies Resolution further: stresses integration’ ‘adequate 60% median concerned’ maintaining combating participate undertake work“ wage“ recommended hallmark slogan “Decent Incomes All” proud there? “while resources“ along lines illustrative priced baskets participation’ “output governance” “input violate cherished Incorporating thought-out linkages turnaround benchmarking frameworks guideline processes EU-wide moderate effort behalf inevitably compass ethical Certainly solved: meaning ‘adequate income’ countries? supportive take? timeline foreseen “enforceability”? proclaim Reconciling reduction: OxfordOxford Collado Van den Bosch Vandelannoote cheap talk closing all: Europe/Cantillon [edit ] (pp 223-243) All: Improving 93- 112 Paulus Sutherland Tasseva seven EU-Countries decade: tax-benefit Hufkens Gasior Leventi Manios Rastrigina O Verbist Hypothetical Household (HHoT) EUROMOD: comparative (No 05/2019) JRC Papers Taxation Reforms perspective prospective intended comment orientation shaping deals deriving emphasised clarity avoiding contradictions “rebalance toward Treaties” re-legitimize “restoring ‘togetherness’ support” Operatively imbued dose realism claiming assembling already-existent modify confer traversing albeit well-defined convincingly meta-space endowments backgrounds credentials loci ideate carry activities “combat […] justice” cohesion” Article TEU referred sure perform autonomy Indeed inception negatively affecting victim EMU” duly observed “reduce independent manoeuvre amplify originating country” regret prescient envisaged “countervailing policies” compensate levers eruption ensuing fully materialized entrusts dismissals squarely exclusive competence powers variable treated Supplements MoU prescription urging Greek “compensate ruling (equivalent percent GDP) pension reforms” decision Supreme cuts breached Convention (‘ECHR’) depriving pensioners troubling transformation constitutional constellation: cornerstone model’ compensated strains relying yoking allegedly consistency bases rely coordinative comply touching wage- Specific “broad guidelines” 121 TFEU identifying results Rather guidelines narrow paths deviation ‘right way’ salvation “[t]ake cost-effectiveness patented medicines implementing Roll activity-based throughout hospital system” readily nominally retaining engender inferred 288 hard-law adopt power- complying bailout escape creditor underpins default governing attached “mixed parentage” combines Memoranda Understanding (‘MoU’) whose dominant rejected private applicants seeking annulment addressed alleged disconnection lies decisions rejecting requests rulings submitted excluding applicability (‘the Charter’) prospering prioritization EMU-related 9 TFEU) surely panacea bringing elaboration programmes proceed path proposing spelled possibly palatable Florescu judgment (C-258/14 dealing package 143 compatibility Romanian reviewable 267 mandatory “constitutes institution” vest abandon suffocating conditionality contemplated Ex post urgent negotiated 7 472/2013 timid draft “into formation concerned” “fully 152 Charter” advisable Operationally feed assessment beginning demonstrated carried mostly praise Finding ‘socialize’ organizational Undeniably attainment doubtful prioritisation ‘socially- oriented’ marginal adhering ‘traditional’ hardly surprising smooth consequently fiddle unclear pointedly irrelevant “serve Semester” renewed correct distortions biased competing promotion centralised stabilizers ease emancipating sole legitimization payment polarised surrounding in-depth recalling posited conferring concurred dissented possibility institute ‘equivalent’ envisage payments eligible short-term exceed According scholars “less useful” viable 352 TFUE free-standing normative-political “… (… identify characterize embody inclusive empowering boosting embodies (updates to) intentions maintained guard precarious analyst undervalued capability mid-1990s diagnose (through data) (on states) recommend coordination) trajectory (active) strongest resource consists knowledge exchange (best) experiences underlined EPSR’s challenges: reconciling family deadlock ‘most non-standard work6’ (hereafter work’) Eurostat 64) 61% 72% (Eurostat survey) parental leave child-care sphere introduced parents emulated sieps se/globalassets/publikationer/2019/20192epa) Based promotes targeted carer terminology fixed-term part-time temporary gendered market-related penalty women career progression (Esping-Andersen 2007) breakthrough area: revised provisionally encourages gender equalizing introduces paternity fathers/equivalent days earmarks least) months Denmark childhood (ECEC) 2002 benchmarks Strategy: 33% 90% until school ECEC extend relation Commisison underdeveloped earmarking exemplifies knowledge-exchange work’ digitization labelled ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ virtually job Put differently casual zero hour contracts voucher-based update ‘written statement’ atypical digital literature dualization (Hipp 2015; Emmenegger 2012) increases transition open-ended prospect obtaining contract anti-discrimination (relative hours worked) comparable worker rigid decrease (de 2017: 300–301) Twenty ‘non-standard’ part- 2017a) 91/533/EC ‘work’ ‘worker’ ‘employee’ whereby inform written manner includes remuneration entitlement terminating stipulates reply employer revision prioritize delineated here show rapidly engagement footprint determined agendas meets Nordic Model” Swedish (SIEPS) 22 downloadable from: se/globalassets/publikationer/2019/20192epa? Fixed-term Work: Putting Brake Dualisation?” 27(3): 295-310 Esping-Andersen (2007) Incomplete Revolution Launching COM 127 8 March Staff Document phase Partners 154 (Directive 91/533/EEC) SWD (301) COM(2017) 797 facilities ”The pillar: Previous therein ‘interpretations’ ‘perspectives’ (Knijn 113-118) 54-63) Fortunately otherwise succumb disappointment proof showing agenda-setter turning akin Hoping publications market’ social’ failings spin Better reviving Treaty’s Title sometimes confusing ‘blend elements’ (Plomien 2018): subsumes (Work-Life Balance 92/85/EEC maternity Parental Directive; Predictable Transparent Conditions Directive) Authority) furthermore deploys mixed insightful incarnations administration impacting contradictory rationales: quantity (iii) process; (iv) science-based governance; (v) proportionality ill-informed paint picture unequivocal de-regulation businesses regulatory pursue non-economic Govaere obligatory Impact Assessment wide- spread Evaluations poses reliance quantification non-quantifiable civil ‘Better watchdog’ hamper drastically changed turns head deploying methodology upgrade entire ‘fitness purpose’ identifies holes missing thereof) plug (making arsenal) amalgam old’ new’ concretely evaluations worried services’ hands seized revise builds findings REFIT evaluation exposure chemicals Carcinogens Mutagens follows Work-Life Commission’s Maternity mentions expects complete Directives effect Partner Framework Agreements fixed- Pillar-related thereof lend credence Regulation’s evidence-based underpinning neutral prescribe: administrative burden event pleasing revival Market’ Social’ criticism Euro-crisis 2019– displacement’ (Kilpatrick deplored (Barnard explanations staunchly defended narrative continues streak ‘economic equals outcomes’ Triple Rating’ alongside ‘equal drawn whom legitimised configuration -with ensures moreover decisively struck democratically executive decision-making respectively CJEU decides prohibitions restriction (often interpreted pure freedoms) displacing upwards re-regulation exceedingly ‘liberalized’ Court’s 2010) severely constrained executives checks balances re-empower legislator vis-à-vis judiciary picture? cannot) deficient (either initiated CJEU’s motion amendment) adjusted stance Elektrobudowa Regiopost leeway host impose precedence protections v port AGET Greece’s redundancies Legislator managed amend e-card yearly follow-up (along oriented ‘hard cases’ easily viewpoint trade-off Anti-Poverty Network noted7 eapn eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/EAPN-2017-EAPN-CountryReports-Assessment-1133 ‘shift taxation’ Furthermore Euro- effected Troika auspices executive-dominated excludes dealt necessitate signing-off social- re-packaged reared onset precarity underline meagre Temporary Agency Work arduous negotiations well-known displacement: leaning ‘Liberal Economy’ position judgments parliaments proven hurdle Early Warning raising) testimony Liberal Economies Brexit- commentator ‘entails society’ effectively ‘implemented’ celebrate ‘Restricting Restrictions: US?’ 68 575 ‘EU Past Present Future’ 67 Current Legal Problems Regulatory 53 1209 ‘The (Im)balance EUConst Effectively Displacement?’ 210 ‘The Meaning Significance’ Yearbook Agenda: Critical (Hart Kilpatrick Displacement Productive Lens Inquiry’ (1) 62 redo 113-118 Plomien Gender Rights’ 17 (2) Society 281 Asymmetry Why Cannot Economy”’ Socio- 211 ‘After Crash: Perspective Democracy’ 21(3) ELJ 401 ‘Socializing Semester? Governance 2020’ SIEPS pillars: questions: Did impacts integration? colleagues? environment”) imped “double dualisation” (Heidenreich 2016; fractions younger older unskilled migrant determinants benevolent Nobel-prize-worthy double dualisation abolition (Preunkert buffer northern insiders outsiders (which termed dualisation”; Northern identical Great Recession (8 % Germany’s (26 0 %; une_rt_a) percentage facet native qualified exemplary (20-25 years) prime-age (25-54 2005 (Figure 1) composition (Italy Ireland) indicating (mostly) rose segmented relative temporarily employed 32 earning 24 prime facets indicate decreased nation-states 2008/09 (Beckfield 35pp 30pp 25pp 20pp 15pp 10pp 5pp 0pp 2: Age low-wage job-insecurity Source: EU-SILC 2005-2015 calculations Sven Broschinski Matthias Pohlig calculated binary logistic regression controlling household parent person adults coefficients figure probability ‘crisis ESU) mechanisms: Functional requirement “insurance union” centralises “not legitimise glance legitimating strenghtening overlook functionally committing classical fallacy Basically Europeanisation Mundell (1961) Friedman (1997) Researchers Currency centrally debt defaults bank insolvency (Shambaugh lender resort recapitalisation (“banking union”) endebted (“European Mechanism”) Unfortunately institutionalisation immense reliable confuse “solidarity States” misleading extending usually analysed self-interest: “We comprehend ‘solidarity’’ vouching ‘solidary’ ground: convictions particularistic (Bayertz 1999 8) reported Häuberer institutionalised ressources prerequiste realisation previously assume empower pre-Weberian works Rokkanian dynamic boundary structuring 2003; Flora 1999) acceded famous article 50 Treaty) events reflected difficulties (2016-2019) exits prohibitively revitalise Currently disputes Balkan Leaving customs manufacturing industries chains tarifs non-tariff barriers delayed supplies interruptions ports Dover Calais Sir Rogers Permanent representative (FTA) damages economy: “Where 80% tradeable fastest trade; FTA Canadian exports (Rogers 14) exit (for Drachme) sovereign devaluatem debts denominated Euros sum prevents indicator chaos none wealthy well-organised globally succeed frictions harder nation-building (2003 615–616) distinquished phases “bounded structuring” “State modern insights Weberian asking emerging cleavages struggles cosmopolitain populist-national (Kriesi 2006; Kriesi Pappas class 19th insurances cosmopolitain-populist- nationalist cleavage brutal decade-long somewhat mephistophelian logic: “Power Always wish Evil Good” (Goethe 2003 56) rights? dominate parliament) longer projects retirements refugees migrants) voted react loosers winners (Recchi Fourth liberalisation insistence ordodoxy redefinition (“whatever takes”) (Article 125 destructive Fifth booming desindustrialised rural “gilets jaunes” (“yellow vest”) protests consciousness worlds Mephistopheles advisor architect “illiberal democracies” eurosceptic xenophobic antisemitic walls forcing universities independence designating terrorists chancellors Nazis servants “unelected bureaucrats” cosmopolitains “international elites” nowhere” “party Davos” “Jewish mafia” trouble-makers speculators “foreign agents” alienated compatriats rection (Fetzer England risky constructing am Summit Bayertz (1999) Four Uses “Solidarity” (Ed 3–28) Dordrecht: Springer Beckfield (2006) Income Inequality 71 964–985 https://doi org/10 1177/000312240607100605 Remapping Comparative 486–509 1177/0020715209339282 End Europe? History 94–99 Regional York: (2003) Citizenship Structuring? 36 611–652 Fetzer Brexit? (Warwick series 1170) Coventry Retrieved Warwick website: http://wrap warwick ac uk/106313/ (1997 19) Euro: Unity Disunity? London: Routledge Do state?: Evidence 677–700 1177/0268580916662385 Goethe Faust: Kline (translator) Delaware Poetry Translation Exploring 1–21) Northampton MA: Grande Lachat Dolezal Bornschier Frey space: Six 45 921–956 Populism (Eds populism shadow recession 1–19) Colchester: ECPR (2017 26) Initiative Ouest http://international blogs ouest- france fr/archive/2017/09/29/macron-sorbonne-verbatim-europe-18583 html optimum 51 657–665 economies spend Knowledge ageing ex-ante capacitation ex-post compensation untold regime ‘disciplining device’ Re-engaging capitalism passed nadir aftershocks unleashed blessings: rerun Depression avoided adversely illiberal Romania confront existential precipitously grace even-keeled economy’ fostering tandem fueled anti- globalization discontent chauvinism anti-EU parliament ‘double commitment’ rescued ahead? assertive bolstered countenance ‘efficient hypothesis’ falsified momentous crash threadbare protectionist backlash? prominently debate’ craft Matsaganis’ warnings ‘snakes ladders’ detours ahead Reflecting prospects embark “excessive procedure” Italy’s Cinque Stelle Lega flat-out rejection lower earily synch Ongoing blame gaming debtor keeping afloat Additional finger-pointing refugee frontline unaffected anxious homogeneity trampling bode enlarging Still ponder (EMF) rainy infrastructural facility layer Are endeavors vain? Matsaginis Lord Beverdge wrote reports (1944) Winston Churchill’s ending war crafting postwar Good expedient wasted Searching exploration handy appear heed Beveridge diagnosis follow suit Concurrently pace transformative demographic techno inescapable fast-forwarded constitutionally no-bailout lowflation prerogative architects disciplining ‘wasteful’ cognitive inertia prevented generation makers recognizing heterogeneity joint- raising proviso apparatus behavioral behavioural constraints myth sovereignty runs arena strongy audiences expertise hegemonic market-making philosophy two-level institututional relegating finally unto electorates sentiments fearful path-dependent privilege advocates persuade socioeconomic evidence grounds undoable codified articular paragraphs staying prevailing cognitions learnt Eurocrisis finish Untold sentiment shape sound finances inflation Soon proved Kingdom salvage ‘too fail’ heavily implicated credit bubble burst Lehman Brothers Overnight quickly restored sobering break procrastination collapse unorthodox principally feat mid-twentieth engineering mistakenly hindsight absorb Northwest Finland surprise post-war Keynesian-Beveridgean shock-absorber ‘buffer’ macro-economy micro-level Ignorant proficiency harked stagflation advocating deregulation presumption ‘moral hazard’ ‘adverse selection’ predicaments thwart cost-containment trending earner activating surprisingly proficient (especially worker) dismantling Notwithstanding Danish successes instantly relegated ‘exceptions subtractive marke lean (OECD 1994; liberalization ‘supply side’ revolution macroeconomics riding Act (SEA) naïvely presumed inescapably discipline 3% consumprive outlays foster weakness preempt quandaries festering (Pisani-Ferri undershot ECB’s target Mediterranean struggled fortuitous catch-up continued adhere conservatism easy financed troubled scenario unfolded secured entry ‘structural reform’ waned borrowing excessively Paradoxically acted ‘reform tranquilizer’ enact houses capacitating insider-biased male-breadwinner pension-heavy reveals interdependent manage contagion sovereigns duress trapped “bad equilibrium” unable incapable mitigating countercyclical fragmented dampening (De Grauwe Unsurprisingly ‘straightjacket’ divergences (youth) (child) widening intergenerational defeating prescribed IMF spilled backlash ‘creditor’-countries tightening straitjackets ‘debtor’-countries fueling depression 1930s ‘buffered’ shock proficiently dared breach doctrines treaties announcement Outright Transaction (OMTs) bond spiral interference detrimental dynamism vengeance blessing disguise troublesome underway conjures gaping failure! Global Competitiveness Index (WEF) high-spending hovering Ronchi equality (we reverse Gini index) country’s surface circle ‘bigger’ state) equity Arthur Okun (1975) advanced record bigger spenders encompassing attain (dashed line) continental Netherland Czech Republic caught prowess lie buffering’ capabilities intensity intimately negativo Belgium ‘welfare predicament: worryingly correlates presses cognitively ‘size’ selected (year Note: bubbles graph proportional ranging ‘smaller’ Latvia (14 ‘biggest’ (31 dashed (raising Prioritizing swath ErasmusPro Skills assessing A’ uncoordinated ad hoc what’s (youth-)unemployment ‘auxiliary’ Six-Pack (2011) Two- Pack prescribing lip ‘default’ subjected intense lipservice ‘revealed preference’ defend ‘productivity-enhancing’ ‘participation-raising’ ‘employability-friendly’ ‘family-capacitating’ prosperous equitable tied quick fixes inspiring incisive advancing ‘re-insurance scheme’ breathing asymmetrically acting stabilizer pre-eminence Beblavy safety-valve intrusive alternative fall-back intimate affinity Capital Markets framed Mario Draghi Recent completing highlight risk- offset losses recession-hit performing parts borrowers overriding Keynesian lesson unavailability absorption risk-reducing actors trials tribulations Mechanism (ESM) OMT ratios uniform resolution shifted stabilize exent evidently buffering comparison generalize partaking twist utmost predicament acknowledges impinges designs cohorts working-age concedes minimal routines attachment youngsters disproportionately borne brunt Somewhat confesses ‘space forbids’ him 2002; 2014; 2011; demand-side reinsures demand-deficient surveyed discard macro-level (female) dual concur urgently redress ‘bad equilibria’ gears (quantity) (quality) taxpayers geared maximizing employability ‘carrying capacity’ expansion women’s quarter work-income-family nexus ‘lynchpin’ skill-biased divorce lone-parenthood (economic independence) prerequisite Absent possibilities externalizing numbers ‘broken careers’ postponed motherhood resulting fertility life-course (capacitating) (ALMP) (WLB) (paid) schedules (LLL) long- (LTC) transcend compensatory income-support originally (predominantly male) (stable) exigencies personal transmission ‘capacitate’ individuals investing career-life complementary edifice: ‘stock’ capabilities; easing ‘flow’ transitions; (3) ‘buffers’ Aggregate corroborates portfolios Evidently referring intelligence aptitude prioritised conservative-liberal interventionist gave primacy undistorted intimate; individually disposition undergird periods childrearing frail ‘inclusive’ employment-related ‘flows’ deregulated optimal satisfactory ‘family reconciliation’ (re-)regulation (gendered) compulsory secondary embraces ‘lifelong’ acquisition Inclusive gender-family-balanced ‘stocks’ produce synergetic longitudinally aggregative wellbeing economists believed Again expansionary realluy aggressive asset price inadvertently weakening (Rajan low-employment male breadwinner combinations (exposed sector) moderation worklife breadwinners flanked correctly fast requisite Eurozone-wide impetus reinforce forster sequencing layering convergent bolster Exempting stakes tide fashionable tragic conjectures ever Amsterdam edifice stepping stones 2000 judge milestone well-functioning well-balanced portfolio ‘fair-playing-field’ provisos ample devoted ‘capacitating’ disabilities Consistent argumentation vouch reinvigoration discount (SGP) consideration vantage jealously guarded clienteles remit adaptable family-friendly careers conceivably engaging ministries directorates expert committees virtuous expensive unfortunately reflex stock press jealousies Granting (within bounds) enable future-oriented infrastructures skill upgrading truly overwhelming Meditarrenean enlarged discounting struggling commit exemptions abandoning ‘buffering’ medium-term educational governance? Very so; Politically substantively underspecified discretionary wiggle-room year-to-year clause looked suspicion fiscally austere Hanseatic League member-state resurgence That’s freedom inter alia female) centers radical vocational Slovenia ramp regressive Finnish aid incentivise bandwagon reassure touches conundrum short-span electoral Voters informational retrospective) inferences Likewise elites’ craving emerged emit attention- disadvantage (Jacobs shielded tussle horizon Monti purportedly “trade generation” temporal inconsistency anticipated precursor cumulative credible attract likes Vitor Orbán Jaroslow Kaczyński contours pass invoked ‘legitimate appropriateness accountable (mis-)fortune What’s met water governments’ EU-skeptic right-populist ardent defenders post-1945 ‘native’ nationals proclaiming retirement 65 protectionism ban conjunction bidding farewell conservatives Between on- overnight ‘political-institutional vacuum’ (Marks straits Scylla Charybdis Pressures disenchanted resist abiding compromises Italian coalitions Enrico Letta Paolo Gentiloni infrastructure pride barred confronted passive lowering indebted measure stagnation home-grown protracted panned Looking magnitude hangover dismal institutionalized implication suststaing opening putting token cut constrain men carrying crowding elementary plead conclusion pro-actively administrations align stocks monograph quintessential transform contrasts sharply truthfully commits bonds integrates civilized (re-)insurance conditional (temporarily) breaching anticipation intricate issue- policy-linkage self-evident political-institutional cum live involves short-run costs? apriori listen area’ IZA 5: Gros Masselli ‘Reinsurance schemes’ CEPS (Januar Centre Full Free George Allen Unwin Ltd Fragile Eurozone’ 346 ‘Risk-reducing Speech Florence Gallie Need scheme: Verlag Bertelsmann Stiftung ‘New Budgetary Framework’ (COM [2017]) ‘Solidarity School STG 2018/1 25(6): 810–827 Crisis: Unifying Concept’ Pp ‘Beyond “Frozen” Turn Handbook Administration (edited Ferlie Ongaro ‘A Consensus’ 1-23 Jacobs Governing Long Term: Democracy (1994) Study: Facts Strategies Paris: Efficiency Big Tradeoff Washington: Brookings Pisani-Ferry Aftermath Rajan Fault Lines Hidden Fractures Threaten Princeton: Princeton Experiment ‘Foreword’ i-xvi competitin: Needs Pact’ OSE Series Opinion Visser Miracle: Job Corporatism Amsterdam: longed-for reaction market-driven expense liberal capitalist undermines degrades Maybe ‘gilets jaunes’ soaring ethos turmoil bureaucracy painting Kafkaesque point: guilty neo-liberal accentuate inclusion’ paints reaffirming employment; weighting Also careful instruments; timing poll Schmidt European-level work-related downgrading labour-related optimistic Vandenbrouckes’s fallen stalled marketisation outsourcing austerity-driven thing Members internationally accountancy taxation operations plunder sell utilities futile premiums instant shareholders (social) speculative recall (social democratic) Minister Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem His ‘[the] [the proposal] critically’ (CNBC tv implying typical democrat movement’s embracing Presenting rent-seeking profits (Stiglitz Instead dividend regulating halting laundering north-western combining aspect compensates ‘forgotten’ union’ wants reading insurance- justice? objections balance? neglect high-quality ‘Everyone sanitation energy transport shall ’ emphasise reject denigrate entitled safeguard completely chaotic insurance-based Women over-represented amongst involuntary outsourced flexibly contracted ‘boomerang children’ returning home well-protected commercialisation ideology citizens’ female; admit constituencies dignified project? grant control: reacting wrest lives oppose (rightly wrongly) unreliable (healthcare education) speculate strategies: compete depressed forced brain drains professionals educated westward appreciation Wales Hungary) revitalisation voice organisations Work-life balance: onwards expand reserve except Scandinavian Now neglecting ‘afford’ ‘his’ supposes woman half unaffordable unprotected minimally re-familiarization housekeeping prioritising work- luxury gender-equal recognitive Reviving processes: misinterpret bottom- resistance deny ignore filling (neoliberal) comparing ‘democratic deficit’ connecting associating demos stakeholders; organised deliberative interestingly politicians’ Divide: Societies About Them Norton Burgoon Kuhn Nicoli Sacchi van der Duin Hegewald Risk Sharing Hits: Design Influences Citizen (EURS) AISSR (December Contribution Ahead time? stand-off inexorably Angela Merkel’s resignation party leader waking no-deal (not Trump Presidency) forgiven propitious imagine understandable wrong letter “how project”8 signed thinkers Jürgen Habermas philosopher sociologist Friedrich Merz favourite Christian Democratic featured labor-market insurance” “An army Europe”) stretch analogy El Alamein (November 1942) troops Africa improvised conferences kilometres shortened Ministry Information meticulously officers eagerly soldiers9 Germany” (Handelsblatt Timmins (1995) Whiteside far-fetched ideas10 suddenly topical 12- deserves joining topics: placed them; ‘worklessness’; coping transformations accelerated near automation platforms debating 2004 2007 rendered Migration ethnically religiously emotional separating fell energetic Greece) peak Europe11 quiet despair humiliation Democrat cautiously cabinet colleague Peter Altmaier thinly disguised ‘transfer (anathema “Interview mit Finanzminister Scholz: Deutschland hat eine besondere Verantwortung” (Der Spiegel “Fat euro-zone fund” William Churchill privately viewed windbag dreamer’ (cited Addison Gross prices parities EU15=100 (AMECO HVGDPR) palpable Naples Athens Munich Rotterdam stark augurs ill Does debate? prosaically kindly inclined constraint extended “Others” Afghanistan migrants Europeans) forcefully Alesina Glaeser12 European- style ethnic skin colour inhabit responses Values 1990s) Americans twice lazy” poverty” cast intransigent inversely proximity multicultural cities homogeneous Obamacare ‘Remain’ ‘Leave’ Die Grünen confirm pattern13 consistently politicians14 Glaeser (2004) 42% MPs “financial 65% widest corresponding 22% 69% colleagues concluded “Europeans altogether scientists presumed”15 (transnational) varies reported16 lowest “for prioritise ‘hand ups’ ‘handouts’ sharing17 fits attack stealth suspects Conceivably China exporting firms ‘core’ 15 45% variation ranged 70% Schelkle’s “diversity political- profiles trust her maxim unity pushing reasonable ‘veil ignorance’ preparatory topic18 Scheme’) Reinsurance Scheme “reinsurance [ faster stronger” French “would one-off subsidiary ‘Reinsurance’ ‘first loss’ activated exceeds specified portion ‘catastrophic deductible ”20 Recasting ‘reinsurance fund’ unnecessarily left-of-centre spectrum Germany21 versions locally administered reinforcement Beblavý Maselli Ábrahám Brandolini special “Designing Insurance scheme” Bénassy-Quéré Bofinger Nonetheless milestones recipients 2010- doubled entrants ineligible benefit22 qualifying relax duration above) Eurozone) US-style note manifest worked jargon economists: intensive margin short-time Kurzarbeit subsidizes employer/employee relationship23 Alternatively tightened reduced) (2018a) 23 Arpaia ‘fordist’ ‘post-fordist’) destroys (mostly routine tasks middle level) levels) ‘informal’ precarious) blurring distinction self-employment24 arising dislocations disruptive occupations millions acquire ‘problem-solving intuition creativity persuasion’ radically overhauled adult upgraded Uber Foodora couriers ‘dependent self-employed’ status) offering online offline TaskRabbit informal self- jure unfair dismissal severance sickness pensions) fashion (2018b) Autor (child allowances) (first-tier pensions); (second-tier activities) non-contributory taxing estate emissions Actually arbitrage multinationals high-tech giants level26 gig liable collecting paying speculated Tito Boeri co-authors27 26 glimpse stake Amazon inviting bid company’s headquarters scramble “238 dozen towns Massachusetts businesswomen Anchorage Alaska sent Amazon’s York City Arlington Virginia locations “at dollars breaks grants newcomers hustle headquarters” (The Yorker adaptation”28 apt splendid young) ‘academic discussion’ idle professional disconnected world? ourselves (minus ‘idle’) (self)doubt gratifying Green demanded “eight Rights” amendments) Pact) wage) “examining mid-term benefits” 29 meantime proponents twenty ago: “No passes interested imposing raw cited EGP “Adopted EU” (Antwerp 18-20 intriguingly Volt “pan-European revolutionize befits assuring “Mapping change; remove resistant Brogueira Sousa Marimon Mayr Unpublished 1945 BBC Fighting 5:10 Curci Meyermans Peschner Pierini Short fluctuations Occasional (June jobs? Perspectives 3-30 (absorption): Commentary (1 (January Brunnermeier Enderlein Farhi Fratzscher Fuest Gourinchas -O Pisani- Ferry Schnabel Véron Weder di Mauro Zettelmeyer discipline: constructive Insight Giupponi Krueger Machin Digital Presented XX Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti Pavia reform: (VoxEU (1998 108) Carta D’Amuri unemployment-based absorber 1-19 Zone Blind spots unintended economists’ 291 (1998) Le trappole welfare: uno stato sociale sostenibile l’Europa XXI secolo Il Mulino Z Berliner Studien zur Soziologie Europas / (BSSE) Berlin: Freie Universität FB Politik- Sozialwissenschaften Institut Arbeitsbereich Makrosoziologie In: Theodoropoulou pervasive austerity: Technical 16th (ESPAnet) Vilnius (30 revisiting Wirtschaft Gesellschaft 44 335-367 giants: biography Harper Collins Wood Lievens Institutional hazard multi-tiered activation: eight studies Special 137 (April implementation: revolutionary Histoire@Politique Politique culture société same? fanfare heels signs optimism; re-affirm enveloping hostility nationalism dramatically ramifications appraisal (set (to contribute) learned retains OMC notes Ministers disputing henceforth lanes slower journey destinations travel eye upcoming compelling message bind listened disaffected recognised ordo-liberalism ‘sound money’ (Blyth Reformers sorts destabilising governments; likewise eurobonds well-targeted technologies Asian tigers (Mazzucato carbon Varoufakis31 DiEM25 Deal32 Each caveats Efforts destabilisation accumulation intensify remaining trans-European removed? entail Union; handle com/commentisfree/2018/dec/13/plan-europe-macron-piketty-green-new-deal- britain?CMP=share_btn_link https://diem25 org/diem25-unveils-its-european-new-deal-an-economic-agenda-for-european-recovery/ Piketty33 correspondingly UK’s 1973 Kaldor keen captured industry (Kaldor 1971) Eventual vicious circles removing circumstances grow weakest walking stagnant enjoyed accelerating export surplus expenditure south emigration destitution34 powerfully 27-39) ignored Cecchini (1988) wisdom warning learn passions fears unleashed? Was hopes fears? arose sensed opened internationalism London-based 33 http://tdem eu/en/manifesto/ 34 lrb co uk/v14/n19/wynne-godley/maastricht-and-all-that Midlands situation? immigration base? Immigration 77 million35 immigrants gone accommodation traditionally drew True 48 (meaning 49 million) localities residents infer causal connection? insecure abandoned?36 assured thing; bigoted misguided GDP? (Maybe stagnated benefits? undermined wealthiest suffered; Labour’s natural constituency suffered vent abandonment divides orthodoxy evenly concomitant market; assigned 35 ons gov uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/internationalmigration /bulletins/migrationstatisticsquarterlyreport/may2016 Goodwin Heath demographics additionally marginalised lived whammy’; there; ‘hot politics’ melt-down perennial long-standing intrude prerogatives saliency electorate citizens) exchanging presidency began outdated centre-stage protection: held risks; currency’s disciplines debtors’ prison worst offenders ‘desertification’ therefore: longstanding Imprisoned straitjacket interconnected desertification MENA region north-west north- west fearing Germany37 France38 unsure peoples disenchantment convenient scapegoat cynical blaming audience’s woes distant foreigners potent brew successive Cynically peculiar Conservative politicians; Jeremy Corbyn sees attractions allow39 frame centred corporate progressives-zentrum org/politically-abandoned/?lang=en 38 com/world/2018/dec/21/how-hi-vis-yellow-vest-became-symbol-of-protest-beyond- france-gilets-jaunes?CMP=share_btn_link com/commentisfree/2018/dec/27/four-reasons-jeremy-corbyn-wrong-eu-state- aid?CMP=share_btn_link elements40: Rejuvenate toxic imposed Austerity insists principal 41 Government buoyancy Otherwise stagnate; revitalising predatory financialisation stimulus stagnating encouragement eurozone’s laggards expect consumers accord instinct ‘trust value-added purposefully Paris concerted embodied science contemplate bath uk/publications/from-brexit-to-european-renewal/attachments/from-brexit-to-european- renewal uk/publications/alternatives-to-austerity/attachments/alternatives-to-austerity green ‘market failure’ Rejuvenating Piketty42 corporation democratisation accountability Promote Security Creativity Reaching shifting technology enterprise high-skill Individual interruption heartland half-century solidarities defensive industrialised neoliberal knowledge-based insecurity swathes population; turbulent retained dismantled (Polanyi 1944; Rieger 2003) threaten unbridled (Piketty desserts 42 com/commentisfree/2014/may/02/manifesto-europe-radical-financial-democratic Meanwhile showed shots western Governments guarantors banks’ viability tension progressive; footloose corporations ‘race bottom’ authorities; source Streek describes ‘Debt State’; Galbraith ‘Predator State’ Tax ‘rescue demographically challenged waste scarce artificial robotics43 yield returns (Coulombe 2004) neither deployed settings aligns ‘smart Hutton (2015: Ch ‘mass flourishing’ nationally 43 technologyreview com/s/603370/robots-will-devour-jobs-more-slowly-than-you- think/?mc_cid=676bdca633&mc_eid=bc4434aad3 Re-Think Movement re-thinking: reductions consumer destruction taxable Being migrate north one’s ‘free movement’ denude ‘devolving’ incomers arrive tourism education44 fragile environments watched caretakers numbers; stewardship (Ostrom 1990) strange jealous fabric mercy arrival encouraging com/education/2018/sep/23/town-v-gown-is-the-student-boom-wrecking- 5) profit interfering globalised seeks (Supiot 2012: 4) blanket faith test correctness masters ‘four freedoms’ infuses Continent? unhelpful insist people’ ‘control borders’ intelligent conversation recognise sit obligations: expectation wherever origin situation45 respectful civilised readiness extremist fan flames rhetoric exogenous rapid ‘tipping points’ calamitous arise sudden influx ‘gentrification’ residential recognition Coal Steel re-shape nurses IT specialists invested slender forged aplenty reform46 debates47 https://theconversation com/what-the-eus-rules-on-free-movement-allow-all-its-citizens-to-do-62186 46 com/commentisfree/2017/jan/16/we-can-escape-brexit-doom-with-one-small-tweak- to-free-movement com/commentisfree/2017/jan/22/europe-needs-refashioning-brexit-taxation-migration checking EPSR48 neatly packaged steadily expanded co-decision appearance orderly expose enriching Domestic ignorance elsewhere; justify (Natali 2015: 248 258) grown decades; prototypes succession ‘pilot programmes’ mid-1970s (Room Rome novelty eu/commission/priorities/deeper-and-fairer-economic-and-monetary-union/european-pillar- social-rights/european-pillar-social-rights-20-principles_en normal obliged insisted Once purposes Local peers turf city decision-makers officials glare publicity 1986: exposing ‘demos’ artfully pull practitioners testify allotted spheres summoned Small ‘ever-closer markets’ creatively (2014: 16) association enjoying participatory (Leonard 1999: Rebel Cities Change): “…the ’cities change’ affirm protagonism spurious optimism incompetence ill-adapted sub-text societies; tolerance inequality; divisions ‘three cohesion; dictate emerges Europe-wide Challenge: 1992: Benefits Aldershot: Wildwood House Coulombe -F Tremblay Marchand Literacy Scores Fourteen Ottawa: Statistics Predator Brown (1971) Truth ‘Dynamic Effects” Statesman (12 March) Leonard Case Foreign Mazzucato Entrepreneurial Anthem Natali ETUI Ostrom (1990) Commons: Evolution Institutions Collective Twenty-First Century Mass: Belknap/Harvard Polanyi Transformation Rinehart (1986) Cross-National Innovation Macmillan 1990s’ Oorschot Peeters Boos Invisible Leuven: LannooCampus Publishers (MPlfG 14/21) Study Threat Lane Buying Verso Supiot Spirit Philadelphia: Total Arguing dimension” Possibly respective powerful” supra-national player unjust fairer non here) “unfairness” inequality-producing balancing “active” “passive” “enabling” “compensating” “protecting” “insuring” foremost intervening underpinned level: accessed accumulated heights unknown documented vast –in degrees Goran Therborn flexibilization strength oligarchs 10% ultra-rich 1% managers merit monopolistic bonuses traceable favorable individualization polarized detect organize diminishing retreat name self-regulation bodies oligarchic translates chances Twilight September-October https://newleftreview org/II/113/goran-therborn-twilight-of-swedish-social-democracy Atkinson Franzini Pianta: Oxon Growing s favoring inter-country inter- competition) unfairness paradox shares currency) everybody underpinnings anti-monopolistic regulations forth moves perception asymmetrical universalistic 112) navigating contest (particularly inter-countries widen words) Hacker foundations democracy’ Gilens Affluence Influence: Power 2012; Carnes White-Collar Government: Role Class Chicago: Chicago Elsässer Hense Schäfer “Government Elite Rich: Responsiveness Unlikely manuscript Osnabrück (a cura (forthcoming); Ólafsson Daly Kangas Palme adaptation” misery populist/nationalist collect dissatisfaction “losers” losers unbalances differential unregulated unwillingness hosting asylum seekers “holding” “process pooling” Or inefficiently disillusionment Re-insuring diversified crystalizing accepting thresholds measured translated PPS cross Households Luxembourg counted “older” “harmonization farther temptation feeding “cognitive joint-insurance” overcoming feeds nationalisms rules) Cantillon’s determine gets rewards collects pays Pre- Matzner Keynesianism: Socio-economics Production Brookfield 1991; Chwalisz Diamond Pre-distribution Bruxelles Carlin restructure sacrificing wholly pre-distribution capitalism: satisfaction generates; ‘good’ ‘lousy’ jobs; flexibilities focuses eliminate biases privileged enforce hazards loading CEO’s awards counter-trend inheritance familial generational passage systematize negotiation Anti-monopolistic Strategy’ (London: Available policy- net/publications_detail aspx?ID=4269 (last AG Contro disuguaglianza Un Bari Laterza Atkinson’s testament book (cit pertains busting undue privileges “soft” Emerging drafting intra- cross-country awareness eve one: Two mentioning Manifesto Manon Bouju Lucas Chancel Anne-Laure Delatte Stéphanie Hennette Guillaume Sacriste Antoine Vauchez thousands signatures 55 stipulate Democratization emissions) climate replacing “hard ultraliberalism” Consisting 4% eu/ reception agents sponsored Parliamentary Socialists Democrats (S&D Group) 56 “policies re-empowering re-shaping residence European-wide Fair group procurement recognize banking” largest stricter Corporate Responsibility Passport quoted reversing Net Wealth Transactions progressivesociety eu/publication/report-independent-commission-sustainable-equality-2019 unrealistic nationalist/populist resentment nationalistic closure consensually ; Websites: constituted tax-transfer address: reined openness (ESPR) time-honoured rights-based crucially phrase: prosper” devil detail apple pie Except finite self-exploiting evade deserve evasion disingenuous pages Surely libertarians Eurosceptics compassionate union? politician Prime finance) Under watch Duchy haven starves Juncker’s ESPR hollow blessings compatible decisionmaking push poverty? only? complementing valid Rawlsian veil heard express votes Voting immigrant welfare- chauvinistic solve puzzle ‘no representation’ confines blog stabilising Mobile well-educated well-paid well-treated jeopardized fairly recourse redistribute property stand meritocratic society: Piketty’s laboratory innovate hard-to-tax underused abstain freeriding Adding menu trick transitions57 pleasure attracted stimulating achievements thrown jigsaw under-discussed “just transition” countering flesh bones nascent separate economic” social” Right relied physical goods: interventionism distorts stymies market-led Left frequently one-sidedly producer oppression neoliberals progressives 57 benefited helpful Willi Koll Lukas Vesely disclaimer erect bulwarks encroachment seguing Neither inextricably entwined incentivises unconditional leisure) revenues Equally non-exhaustive legitimized class-based (decommodification) improves channeling it58 succinctly: La concurrence qui stimule coopération renforce solidarité unit post-1957 tightly loosely described (some “managing consequences” (See details 58 https://fr wikipedia org/wiki/M%C3%A9moires_(Jacques_Delors) affair charities) “deliver” (tighter substantially myth? widespread damaging misunderstanding unsophisticated paucity outcomes: (most all) highest Provided ain’t broke actively pitching “race bottom” influential Fritz conceptualises “negative integration” (market creation) facilitated whereas “positive (market-correcting regulation) unanimity concise Höpner 59 concern; erroneous mischaracterises inimical correction eu/social-europe-is-a-myth restrictions bans) harmful ability extort concessions taxpayers’ predictions square facts study non-EU cite EU15 risen variation) 1980 18% 27% Initial USA (12-13%) steeply (western) pernicious EU-specific understating limitations Vandebroucke so? value? Subsidiarity intervenes policy; adequately spillover Negative “externalities” enforced scarcely disputed “Europeanisation” basically 2-11; “cohesion” unambiguous redistributional Reasonable “allegiance” varying Areas apparent Ending eyebrows policy” (often) distributional Reducing (who wealthy) Moving races Strengthening rudimentary individualistic (From Outlook60 60 https://read oecd-ilibrary org/employment/oecd-employment-outlook-2018/the-role-of-collective-bargaining- systems-for-good-labour-market-performance_empl_outlook-2018-7-en#page1 here61 82ff compressed inequality) developments) determinant competitiveness; ECB) interactions relate unfolding here62 5ff coordinating “investing” collective-bargaining exploring (here63) Apart conducive agreeing Europe; here64 Automatic 61 boeckler de/pdf/p_imk_study_57_2017 de/pdf/p_imk_study_61e_2018 63 etui org/Publications2/Policy-Briefs/European-Economic-Employment-and-Social- Policy/European-minimum-wage-policy-a-concrete-project-for-a-social-Europe (vice upswing) trading union) incentivizing cajoling “bite” discretion Cross-border Laszlo extensively Decisions quantitatively “Just framing measures; far-reaching tax); proposals65 targeting agriculture-related spending; “social” clearer lagging sensible underfunded Andor’s it) mother Every ton greenhouse gases emitted anywhere (actually: world) (It uncertainty spatially distributed escaping harm decarbonise fossil fuels wealthier gilets jaunes fraught decarbonisation blocked policymaking circles66 narrower approach: capita literally occurred acceptance wrenching seek 66 ilo org/global/topics/green-jobs/publications/WCMS_432859/lang–en/index htm EGAF; Matsaganis’s Ultimately touched earlier: insurance/redistribution metaphor fabric” plausible grateful academia policy-makers ‘conclusion’: themes broached sketch ‘concluding’ explain mindset ‘components’ Union’: (supranational nature) Principles components: Policy’ Watt’s myth’ policy’ misunderstanding: confuses ‘added value’ here: (I below) download institution: X Knijn’s 113- 118) writes ‘must union’; she race taxation); do; ‘insure’ caveat EU: economic’ Different 131-146); 76-83); underscore interregional realizing investment… actor Bogoeski’s 40-46) belief ‘rights-based’ fundamentally: ‘redistributive’ ‘pre-distributive policies’ (whereby Saraceno’s 147-156); policies? 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expressed –supported protection; voids orienting exerted sketches (COM(2018) 132) advantages distinctive model: imprint multi- “Insurance times” emphasizes cross-territorial East- Bogoeski) –based shrewd sympathetic (Financial 2000) Samuel Brittan income- Citizen’s Centre’s “Stumbling integration” (by Bill Jordan Phil Agulnik Duncan Burbidge Stuart Duffin bears inputs formulate boldest proposal: introducing imbalance” enhancement autonomous inducing Room) reconverting agricultural forging Trudi activist mobilized meso-level intermediaries grass- needs/demands transversal preoccupation “moment” Albeit lag “socialisation” “austerianism” moment” politics: election reassuring wing performed incautious Nord Brussel” Leyden President-elect environmentally explains72 Greens) exert “possibility space” track” unthinkable Continuity Vandenbrouke pragmatism weaken Kindly “opening” “closure” highlightened summarise “defeat exitism” awkward “real” sovereignist (Salvini Pen Wilders others) “genuine” conversion (un)feasibility spatial (Eurozone) destructive) “structuring” you Weber- conflict” paradoxical integrative site producing bonding mission: risk-sharing; “active inclusion/cohesion” 72 euvisions eu/the-social-dimension-in-the-electoral-programs-of-the-european-political-groups/ beneficiaries conditionality) valorised complements socialises transactions actuarial incorporated structures- ordinary instinctual whatever happens reciprocity-based epistemically untenable a-symmetric emergency prioritizes notion: born techniques separation (assigned inter-individual redistribution) remained sub-federal cross-state subsidization) prompted survived date wise capitalise formally anchoring conception? attempting “leapfrogging” federations? wonderful exciting Socratic invitation: