European Commission Seminar “Inequality Conference”

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Addressing inequalities Brussels 19 10 2018 Contribution by Frank Vandenbroucke University of Amsterdam www frankvandenbroucke uva nl No one-dimensional explanation ‘silver bullet’ for policy • International competition technological and demographic changes sociological ideational shifts all put pressure on welfare states But differences in national institutions policies explain large heterogeneity trajectories Yet a common trend advanced EU w r t non-elderly poverty: – More people live low-work-intensity households Low-work-intensity experience higher poverty risks silver bullet: resilient have to combine: enabling (ECEC education life-long learning…: social investment) stabilising (income stability via insurance against shocks; the functional income distribution collective bargaining etc : protection) bullet The as holding environment Basic cash is trapped trilemma affordability poverty-reduction simplicity; ‘income’ kind makes sense (affordable quality ECEC health care) Opportunity Credit? Role EU: that supports both enabling/investment dimension stabilisation/protection => implement European Pillar Social Rights & completion EMU global inequality: part equation? in: Patrick Diamond (ed ) Next Phase Globalisation: Capitalism inequality Industrialised world I B Tauris forthcoming Union: conundrum rather than solution ACCESS EUROPE Research Paper 2017/02 01 August 2017 Downloadable at Gate