Workshop on Solidarity, Social Policy, and Free Movement in Europe after the Crisis

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Which social policy for the EU: basic income re-insurance investment? Frank Vandenbroucke Workshop on ‘Solidarity Social Policy and Free Movement in Europe after Crisis’ University of Cambridge 4-5 May 2018 Background papers • Basic European Union: a conundrum rather than solution ACCESS EUROPE Research Paper 2017/02 01 August 2017 = my ‘negative argument’ against BI with reference to arguments developed by Van Parijs Vanderborght (VP&V) Viehoff Addressing global inequality: is EU part equation? in: Patrick Diamond (ed ) The Next Phase Globalisation: Capitalism inequality Industrialised world I B Tauris forthcoming ‘positive minimum protection investment Milanovic’s work globalization related publications (according & VP&V) Features: – Universal Unconditional Recipients must be members territorially defined community (fiscal residence) Rationale: A gift distributed Maximin real freedom VP&V ‘European arguments’ nutshell We should pursue both… separate introduction individual member states (‘National BI’) pan-European at level (‘Pan-European Relationship debates integration: National => ‘firm limits hospitality’ Pan-European would contribute ‘saving from extinction so-called model’ My claims  are unclear about consequences principle free movement If it true that EU’s principal justice-related problem integration has diminished core capabilities national welfare such as redistribution stabilization without adequately ensuring their functioning higher remedies essentially different More needed why priority amidst competing ‘gift’ constituted past technological economic progress When we compare alternative options funded common which all benefit need add dimension project militates favour or On nature our arguments: ‘pragmatic’ vs ‘principled’ better way achieve what you wish ? reconsider Simplification incentives Economic affordability (spending) Coverage needs (poverty) OECD Luke Martinelli (IPR Working Papers Baath) cross-border mobility VP&V: ‘The more open borders country generous unconditional schemes will under pressure make them less conditional order stem selective migration likely net beneficiaries ’ ‘cruel dilemma’? ‘conflict between two components freedom’ can handled reality tourism: nuanced motivated employment opportunities MS refuse assistance non-active non-nationals ≠ but key condition fair labour market reject ‘soft’ exclusionary strategies waiting periods restriction citizens: ‘Once place right go hand ‘harder’ strategy necessary: Freedom non-discrimination 1) How justify movement? 2)How non-discriminatory access benefits those who move? 3)How difference active citizens application (1) (2) sense ‘earned’ citizenship? (for workers)? citizenship ↄ formal equality across An integrated services ‘posting’ ‘free workers’ Non-discrimination justifies sustains do not tolerate competition systems one territory Active versus ‘earned citizenship’ Two complementary logics apply legitimately regard if they applied conjointly: 1)Economically have take up basis ‘earn’ Member State where including involuntary inactivity (unemployment illness) 2)A citizen cannot simply rely any his (or her) choice: nationality determines first foremost responsible Under carefully delineated conditions another he no bond allowed say citizen’s create an ‘unreasonable burden’ its state (these substantiate absence link host was exercised solely state’s assistance) In contrast ‘unreasonable’ provide adequate whatever causes vulnerability dependence Complex differentiation active/non-active Openness Bounded BI: model’? Stabilisation Unemployment superior Selective Local creation Reservation wages dumping (Viehoff) insurance rationale cash kind? Real ‘personal autonomy’ Cash: wage subsidies? See van der Veen: maximizing opportunity set least advantage objective there unique unambiguously ‘optimal’ choice subsidies among these policies guided distinct normative criteria supplement advantaged Dispensing highest sustainable uniquely justified liberal (neutral) egalitarian ideal incorporates considerations efficiency toolkit Union? –Investment education health care services…; in-work wages; unemployment insurance… However: certain decide –The –Dispensing ⇒Which insurance; protection… ⇒A monetary union