ETUI/ETUC Conference ‘The world(s) of work in transition’

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Common European standards for resilient welfare states: adequate social insurance and investement Frank Vandenbroucke Contribution to ETUI conference ‘The World-s of Work in transition’ Brussels 28 June 2018 Intergenerational risk sharing under pressure: change pension benefit ratios incl private pensions ( ) Pension ratio = ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???? BE BG CZ DE IE ES FR IT CY LU HU MT AT PL SI SK FI UK dk ee hr lv lt nl pt ro se 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Benefit 2070 2016 No (Musgrave rule) Based on data from Ageing Report The dimension EMU: an evolving paradigm • In the 1990s labour market reform was justified by advent supply-side flexibility ‘enabling’ activation policies Today we need a broader approach : EMU requires consensus institutions that support both stability Therefore ‘protective’ collective action are order Enabling protective can be mutually reinforcing creating systems Stability through bargaining: member states deliver wage coordination; this excludes totally decentralised uncoordinated bargaining Institutions monitor competitiveness should embedded dialogue distributive concerns mainstreamed monitoring needs common Cluster policy principles effective stabilisation capacity MS: – sufficiently generous unemployment benefits; sufficient coverage rates schemes; no segmentation leaves part force poorly insured against unemployment; proliferation employment relations not integrated into insurance; unemployed individuals •Effective => Convergence some key features Eurozone Access protection A perspective –Traditional view: –New insight: •The aspiration: simultaneous pursuit economic progress cohesion within countries (development states) between (upward convergence across EU) integration human capital investment Priorities EU •Investment ECEC education (and egalitarian background conditions) Rather than ‘basic income cash’ free & top quality affordable health care! Resources 1) Risk Reduction Sharing Moral Hazard: Vaccination Metaphor Intereconomics Vol 52 May/June 2017 Number 3 pp 154-159 2) Basic Union: conundrum rather solution ACCESS EUROPE Research Paper 2017/02 01 August downloadable at http://ssrn com/abstract=3011847 3) From Gothenburg Social Summit Union Europe 27 November https://www socialeurope eu/gothenburg-social-summit-european-social-union 4) Commission May 5) On ‘Musgrave rule’: Schokkaert Devolder Hindriks Towards equitable sustainable points system proposal Belgium Journal Economics Finance First View April 1-31 All publications: www frankvandenbroucke uva