Session VII: Is there much that Europe can do in a world of widening inequalities and strong migratory pressures?

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Session VII: Is there much that Europe can do in a world of widening inequalities and strong migratory pressures? Contribution by Frank Vandenbroucke University Amsterdam Eliamep Seminar 8-9 September 2017 • Inequality pressure: two different issues is often homespun, rather than the result globalisation or europeanisation EU must be ‘holding environment’ for national welfare states, enabling them to address (‘European Social Union’) In terms political communication, EU’s social dimension speak both mobile non-mobile citizens, create constituencies (e.g. education) Robust defense idea needs non- discriminatory free movement workers posting, as matter fairness Reform Posted Workers Directive Improvements citizens Migration creates less pressure adequately regulated labour markets: hence, importance collective bargaining dialogue, access security all workers, cf. next slide The European Pillar Rights: important initiative, but made operational (legislative, financial & policy coordination instruments) Priority areas stabilisation capacity states successful integration migrant workers: – Access protection Quality unemployment insurance activation Universality minimum wage regimes Upward convergence features supporting fortiori needed with view eventual organization Eurozone re-insurance scheme (‘vaccination metaphor’). [Wage Eurozone: it ‘symmetrical’ linked ‘national conversations’ on functional distribution incomes?] Revisit 2013 Investment Package Enhance investment human capital (child care, Semester (CSR’s), budgetary leeway implement such CSR’s fiscal surveillance member states. Summary statement: Fernandes Vandenbroucke, Making reality Notre Jacques Delors Institute, Tribune – Viewpoint, Paris, 31 May ( fernandesvandenbroucke-may2017.pdf?pdf=ok) non-discrimination: Basic income Union: conundrum solution, ACCESS EUROPE Research Paper 2017/02, 01 August ( On need convergence: Structural versus systems competition: limits diversity market policies Economic Monetary Union, ECFIN discussion paper 065, Commission Directorate-General Financial Affairs, Brussels, 20 July (