The making of a European Social Union

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The making of a European Social Union (and the role FEAD?) Frank Vandenbroucke University Amsterdam UCSIA Conference – Food Aid and Policy 12 September 2019 “Social Europe” A (ESU) would • support national welfare states on systemic level in some their key functions (e g stabilization fair corporate taxation …) guide substantive development via general social standards objectives leaving ways means policy to Member States basis an operational definition ‘the model’  countries cooperate union with explicit purpose pursuing both pan-European cohesion Subsidiarity as organizing principle (ESU); arguments for FEAD? cognitive support? EU cares ESU reconnects founding fathers aspiration convergence but rethinks division labour integration simultaneous pursuit economic progress within (through gradual states) between upward across Union) machine worked… more or less… until 2004/2008 Initial labour: development: supranational coordination security rights & anti-discrimination: redistributive effort sovereignty (in theory) Minimum wages: disparity East-West… 2 500 000 1 0 BG RO LV LT SK EE PL HU CZ PT SI ES MT GR UK IE BE FR NL LU GE CR 2004 PPP … yet after enlargement reconciling openness domestic requires elaborate framework Example: posting workers needed reform Transparency coverage minimum wage regimes “Fair mobility” “Earned citizenship”: two complementary logics can apply legitimately regard citizenship if they are applied conjointly: Economically active citizens have right take up employment opportunities borders ‘earn’ non-discriminatory access all benefits State where work including protection against consequences involuntary inactivity (unemployment illness) non-active citizen who needs cannot simply rely any his (or her) choice: nationality determines which is first foremost responsible Under carefully delineated conditions another he has no bond allowed say that citizen’s create ‘unreasonable burden’ its state (these must substantiate absence real link host free movement was exercised solely order benefit from state’s assistance) In contrast it be ‘unreasonable’ not provide adequate whatever causes vulnerability dependence EMU common resilient Resilience = flexibility stability Labour market institutions deliver (effective collective bargaining) Cluster principles stabilisation capacity MS: sufficiently generous unemployment notably short-term; sufficient rates schemes; segmentation leaves part force poorly insured unemployment; proliferation relations integrated into systems insurance; effective activation unemployed individuals Convergence features Eurozone  These become fortiori imperative equipped re-insurance insurance (institutional moral hazard) Pillar Rights Gothenburg Summit 17 November 2017 Poverty risks population < 60 by intensity household 70 50 40 30 20 10 Very high High Medium Low low Work 2004-06 2016 Bron: Eurostat SILC 2005-2007; year T refers observation T-1 except Increasing inequality poverty: complex diagnosis lessons There one-size-fits-all explanation hence silver bullet tackle increasing inequalities We need set strategies instruments improve perspectives households weak attachment Improving our human capital child-centred investment strategy addresses If should promote policies income protection; cf How Rights? Clear priorities Credible roadmap combining… legislation benchmarking Funding (tangible MS) Mainstreaming fiscal surveillance Semester Completing support…) risk substitution: see Luigjes Fischer Resources Barnard De Baere (eds ) Crisis Cambridge: Cambridge Press https://doi org/10 1017/9781108235174 (Introductory chapter Open Access www frankvandenbroucke uva nl item 263) Cantillon Rights: ten prioritising 14 incomes in: Union: Public Forum Debate http://www euvisions eu/issues/europea-social-union-public-forum-debate/ introduction conclusion to: Design Unemployment (Re)Insurance Scheme: Lessons US Experience Centre Studies Research Paper 2019/06 https://papers ssrn com/sol3/papers cfm?abstract_id=3436884 frankvandenbroucke_uva